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We started our vending business in 2000 with primarily a hot menu and quickly learned that there was a much greater need for ice cream products and cold menu items. After offering hard ice cream products for two years we decided it was time to invest in soft serve equipment, because the volume requirements from customers simply could not be met with hard ice cream.

After evaluating many different equipment set-ups and products available we decided that Flavor Burst ice cream was the best quality. Also, it was the only soft ice cream product that we could offer that provided both the capability to serve high volumes and a significant variety of flavors. Now that we have been offering Flavor Burst ice cream for a number of years we are very pleased with the business results and the high level of acceptance by our customers.

Each year we review our menu items and adjust it to meet customer and event requests. We have added back the availability of hard ice cream 'Nutty Buddies', by special event request. This is a popular item for some groups of people we serve. Additionally, we do try to support other special menu requests for unique menu items, by special request.

We hope you will continue on through our site and learn a little more about all the menu items we offer, and what our trailer set-ups look like. We place a great deal of importance on excellent customer service and on a quality appearance. We maintain our equipment and trailer in excellent condition and as a result we are fortunate to have had virtually a zero down time for equipment failures during events.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for visiting our site,

Neil & Martha Freed




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